Saturday, 14 January 2012

I must try harder

Happy New Year to you all!
I am such a bad blogger, I really must make more effort this year, I have all good intentions it just seems to go all pear shaped. I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New year. Anyway here is a card I made last year for a work college you loves giraffes. I used quikutz Roxy alphabet for the letters and the paper pack was called Bazoo from the Glitter Pot which has some really lovely small patterns on which I find very hard to find.

An update for all you cat lovers out there Lilly is doing really well and had the wire removed from her jaw last Friday and it seems very stable, however she went out Sunday and came in with a large patch of fur missing completely from her back. I do wish they could talk some times so we knew what she had done, she has now had a anti inflammatory injection  and some steroid cream I have to TRY and apply twice a day - the vet was also baffled! but still cost another £63.00 Ouch my poor pocket.