Sunday, 26 April 2009

Thank's Julie for another lovely day!

Another fabulous class held by the very talented Julie Hickey from craftwork cards. I love the new colours blue green an yellow. And it was fab to see all the girls again.
Anyway enough waffle here it what we done. Lots of Ohhhs and Arhs


Suzie Q said...

Hi ya,
take it from me they look fab in the flesh!
my you were busy
enjoy your weekend
Suzie Q
Ps -had to chuckle just had to type in "trogess"
for word verification - it knows me well!!hee hee

Kim said...

Fabulous, it were a very enjoyable clas, with fab friends....

Sue said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, love the name of your one!! my fav stamps of all time! you have made some fab cards, love these pastel colours! Sue xx

Sue said...

Hi Sarah, I have left two little awards over on my blog for you, I hope they inspire you like them Sue xx

Justine said...

wow, they are all gorgeous!! sounds like you all had a lovely day! By the way Susie Q said about the funny Word Verification she had to type, the one for this comment is 'sodoo'!!