Saturday, 27 March 2010

Daffidil's in the can

A card I made a while back but as it was for Mothers day It had to be kept a secret, then I just forgot to add it to my blog. I been out buying today and got two new Sarah Kay stamps lets see how long it takes me to them on the blog. I have a get well card to make and two 18th cards for men/boys (oh no!). Why are the men cards soooo difficult.
I used the Magnoila watering can and just made a slit in the top to put in the stalks and leaves of the Daffordils, I do enjoy making these and they look so real. Embossed round the edge of the card and chalked.


Mrs Wonka said...

This is so pretty!

Z x

Suzie Q said...

beautiful daffodillies!!
they really do look real very effective.
smart card
Suzie qx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow Sarah this is so beautiful what a wonderful idea!
Looking forward to seeing those sarah kay cards!
kim x